Our Services
Automated kiosks for AHL/DPR opening

Provide your customers and agents a solution improving the management of your baggage claim opening:

  • Offer your customer an independant, quick and with no wiating time solution improving their customer experience while facing a commercial incident,
  • Enable to increase the volume of claims open in any circumstances (irregularity, staffing issues),
  • Ensure a full coverage of the service in any occasion,
  • Limit your surface offices needs in the airport,
Lost and Found Training

Provide your teams a training on operational softwares and best practices:

  • Ensure a full training to your teams on the usual operational softwares (WorldTracer, Bag Assist)
  • Coordinate your Lost and Found operations,
  • Improve the handling of your Lost and Found operations using all softwares applications.
Lost and Found services

Lost and Found services: we handle from A to Z your mishandled baggage operations in airports:

  • Customer welcoming and claim opening for missing or delayed baggage (AHL),
  • Customer welcoming and damaged bagagge claim opening (DPR),
  • Management of overhanded baggage on arrival (OHD),
  • Forwarding of left behind baggage on departure (FWD),
  • Customer relationship and information during primary research phase (D to D+5),
  • Baggage reconciliation management (action file) and delivery processing with the chosen carrier of the airline or the handling company,
Damaged baggage replacement

Damaged baggage replacement : immediate baggage replacement straight at the lost and found counter in order to close immediately the claim and avoid expensive after claiming process:

  • Bring an immediate solution to a negative commercial customer experience,
  • Changing a bad customer experience in a real positive customer experience enhancing airlines customer relationship policy,
  • Immediate DPR file closure without any extra claiming costs,
  • Wide range of baggage solutions from small to large size and different types of quality,
Primary tracing information through our call-center

Primary tracing information through our call-center : Answer and inform your passengers of their baggage position and tracking, provides passengers with airlines procedures information,

  • Multilingual call-center skilled on tracking systems (Worldtracer),
  • Direct contact with airport Lost and Found services to provide a better and instant information to your passengers,
  • Real call-center organization with applicable SLA and calls full management,
Baggage Secondary tracing (LZ)

Baggage Secondary tracing (LZ):

  • Collect and store the overhanded baggage and proceed to its passenger reconciliation,
  • Insert in Worldtracer the proper information to ease the baggage reconciliation,
  • When reconciliation is secured, provide the passenger a delivery solution to secure its retrieval,
  • Secure non matched baggage and process to their destruction according to local customs procedures,
  • Ensure Found properties management for the benefit of the airline,
Baggage claiming management

Baggage claiming management:

  • Provide a full expertise to the management of your baggage claims in case of delayed, damaged or stolen bagagge,
  • Handle the customer claim, analyze the baggage routing and define the customer compensation according to international convention in force,
  • Forward the airlines customers a reliable and adapted compensation amount to offer to their customers,